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2015 events for Nick Kemp

I have just updated my 2015 calendar which can be found here

First stop is India in a few weeks …

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The Art of Building Relationships Part 2

In the Art of building successful relationships with PCW we consider the following two questions

1. What are you connected to?

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Private Client Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Coaching in Leeds and Manchester.

Welcome to my "Provocative Change Works" approach to client change and therapy. PCW goes beyond Hypnotherapy and creates amazing results in my private therapy sessions in Leeds and Manchester. The online store has many hypnosis and self improvement products. At my LS18 and M33 clinics I treat a range of issues including anger management, jealousy, blushing, fear of public speaking, phobias and many other stress related problems using my PCW client therapy approach.

Provocative Therapy and Business Coaching

I created Provocative Change Works (PCW™) based on over 30 years of personal development training and working as a therapist and coach at private client clinics in Leeds and Manchester. I demonstrate getting rid of phobias on my "Provocative Change Works for Phobias™" DVD set. In "Provocative Change Works for Anxiety" I demonstrate how powerful the PCW approach is for treating anxiety issues. "Provocative Change Works in the USA" (parts 1 and 2) showcase my work training NLP Master Practitioners, therapists and coaches in Boulder Colorado. In recent years I has presented aspects of my work at the IASH (Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health) Conferences in San Francisco USA and the London NLP Conference. Steve Andreas references my work in his book "Help with Negative Self Talk". I regularly treat private clients who have anxiety related issues in my Leeds and Manchester therapy clinics. In 2011 "Provocative Change Works; Improvisation and Humour in Therapy and Coaching" was published as part of "Innovations in NLP" by Crown House Publishing. This book contains many of the most respected international therapists and trainers and has been described as - "a collaboration of some of the best innovators in the field of NLP to push the boundaries of the traditional NLP model and create some solutions for the problems created by the increasingly troubled world in which we live."

Registered, Qualified and Trusted Therapist & Trainer

I am the founder of "The Association for Provocative Therapy" a "Provocative Change Works™" Trainer, a Frank Farrelly approved Provocative Therapy Trainer and a member of the advisory board of the "Association of NLP". I am also a prolific writer and health and business blogger, known for his provocative style of communication about quality standards in therapy and training.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking Phobia

I have over 25 year’s experience of public speaking engagements. In the 1980s I ran personal development workshops in the UK and Europe which led to his creation of the Human Alchemy series of internationally acclaimed products. In the 1990's I was involved in a series of multi-million pound contract negotiations in the corporate sector, and through my Nick Kemp Training I offer corporate public speaking, negotiation and voice training as well as private client coaching in overcoming phobia of public speaking and improving voice and presentations skills for the individual clients. I have coached many private clients to develop public speaking excellence and remove public speaking anxiety.

Sports Performance Coaching

As well as using provocative change works as an approach with private clients and corporate training I also coach for sports performance. In 2011, I worked with Pete Windridge an ordinary man who I personally coached and treated for phobia and fears, to successfully swim the channel to raise money for an important charity. There's a charming online sports performance documentary where Pete talks candidly about the work I did and how it made a massive difference to him overcoming his fear of drowning and improved performance during the swim across the channel so that he was successful and enjoyed the sporting experience.

International Therapy & Business Training Courses

I have been internationally recognised for coaching and corporate training courses in the UK, USA, Europe, and India and Japan. In the UK I have appeared on local and national radio including the BBC and internationally on TV in many of the countries I have visited. I created and produced the music for the award winning film short "My Amersham" shown on Channel 4 television.

Drawing on many years successfully working in the corporate business sector I founded "Nick Kemp Training for Corporate Coaching and Training" offering a comprehensive range of sales, culture shift, business performance and motivation courses and business events. Here is a complete list of the therapy and corporate training course dates I currently offer.